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What is 5G What is 4G . How difference Between 4G and 5G

What is 5G What is 4G . How difference Between 4G and 5G  5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks. 5th generation wireless system, abbreviated to 5G , is a state-of-the-art wireless network that will be rolled out in 2018 and beyond. (GB/s) capable of providing speed; Large range MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output - 64-257 Antenna) which is capable of providing "minimum 10 times performance of 4G ", "Low-band 5G" and "Mid-band 5G", 600 MHz to 6 GHz, especially 3 .5-4.2 GHz waves are used. 3 GPP The general definition of 5G has been determined through release 15 of December, 2017. Many prefer ITU's IMT-2020 definition, which refers to the use of high frequency bands for higher speeds.The millimeter wave system is designed to achieve a maximum download speed of 20 GB/s. They have an average speed of 3.5 GB/s. With the extra large MIMO antenna, the approximate median bandwidth of the 3.5-4.2 GHz band is 490 MB per second. I

Google Dot App Domain!

Google Dot App Domain! Google, like dot com, dot org, has launched the dot app in top label domain.  This has been done for app developers. Google has already urged app developers to register to buy this domain name.Google said in a blog post Tuesday that the Dot App is bringing new security for the first time in the first-time label domain, as well as the HTTPS encryption.And one of the key advantages of Dot App Doneen is its security as a built-in.One of the difference is that all the apps in the HTTPS should connect to the website. Google will protect information against monitoring of open WiFi networks, to protect websites from ad malware and IPS tracking injection, Google says.Google can be registered with Google's Dot App until May 7, Google said.At least 25 million dollars in the Google Top Labels domain was bought in 2015